buying Roatan land
Buying Land on Roatan

Buying real estate in Roatan is both practical and attractive.   Foreign ownership of real estate is permitted in Honduras.  Honduran law protects foreign ownership of Honduran land.  Honduras has been a stable democracy for a number of years and recognizes the need for foreign investment, both in business and in real estate.

Roatan has a number of professional, reputable realtors available to assist you in buying land on this beautiful Caribbean island.  Although most Roatan realtors are Americans, native islanders represent a growing segment of the real estate business here. 

A realtor can guide you through the process of buying real estate on the island, ensuring your property is legally secured.  The for sale by owner option is now viable with a competent and trustworthy Honduran lawyer.  A number of Honduran lawyers specialize in Roatan real estate transactions.

Real estate is a thriving business on Roatan!  Roatan land for sale is being purchased for investment by a growing group of foreigners. 

With Roatan real estate values rising and given the sheer beauty of the island, it is little wonder.  Although you probably will not find acreage dirt cheap on Roatan like it was a few decades ago, if Roatan real estate prices keep their current trend you will find your investment growing in value substantially.

Real Estate Tips

Consult with several realtors before you choose one. Spending time with each realtor can give you an impression of the realtor's professionalism and integrity.

If you are interested in buying land without the assistance of a realtor, make sure you have a qualified Honduran lawyer who specializes in Roatan real estate.

A 2.5% transfer tax is applied upon buying and selling Roatan land.

Not all land is legally titled. Make sure the land you are buying is legally clear and that it is not in an ownership dispute. does not assume liability for the accuracy of this information nor does offer legal advice to land buyers. Consult with a qualified attorney prior to any real estate purchace.